Hepyc logotype, cutting tools
Hepyc logotype, cutting tools


    Aviation manufacturing has been one of the advanced technology and highly intensive industries. With the continuous upgrading of aviation products, new aviation materials continue to emerge, especially in aviation field of sophisticated products uses a lot of titanium alloy, high temperature alloys of difficult to machining materials and composite materials, cutting properties are very different, these are to promote and promote development of tool to the extremely important role in promoting.

    Aircraft engine parts with more rotating parts, such as disc ring, shaft, and so on, the use of more turning process, while the aviation structure is relatively complex structure, processing to milling. Aircraft structure parts assembly, riveting structure to the whole process, from a whole piece of material on the billet through cutting into the overall structure, the workpiece material removal rate of 80% or more, the individual is as high as 90%, therefore, high speed machining technology has become a standard in the field of aerospace processing technology.
     According to the characteristics of the aerospace industry, the aircraft can be divided into two categories: one is to adapt to the processing of aluminum, magnesium alloy and other metal, which is characterized by large metal removal, high speed machining, the other is to adapt to the processing of titanium alloy, nickel based alloy, stainless steel and other hard machining materials, cutting tool to have good rigidity and dynamic performance, adapt to strong cutting.

     Yabang Precison Tools Co., Ltd. for the aviation and aerospace industry characteristics of the development of a large number of standard tool and non - standard tool, it can provide a better solution for the aerospace industry engine parts.